Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Play by Play

So I realize this is one of those things you "had to be there" (and be really drunk) to appreciate, but... I was there so it's hilarious to me.

To give you perspective on how drunk (in all honesty I really wasn’t drunk) and adolescent we were… doing cartwheels in the hallway of someone’s apartment building 3 in the morning.

Once outside the building we tried to pay Tom twenty bucks jump ON this plant. Absolutely no idea why… at the time seemed like a really funny idea. Tom declined the offer.

Instead… Tom made the mistake of trying to tackle me into the same plant. Not smart! After a few measly attempts it was time to teach him a lesson. I tossed him (like a rag doll I might add) through the same plant he was trying to tackle me into.

Tom not only went through the plant but ended up going through the window on the other side. From our perspective… tom gets dumb, tom gets thrown, tom goes through plant, tom disappears, tom goes through window, tom gets bloody.

Lesson learned… don’t mess with yours truly.

That's what happens man. That's what happens.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Agro Workout

So… started the new workout this week. Even though I design and sell workouts (performanceworkouts.com), I wanted to mix it up. I turned to friend, former teammate and workout guru, Echo Charles, for his expertise advice. I’m not sure if he’s fucking with or what, but I’m thinking the workout is a little (lot) over the top. But you know… what the fuck, I’ll do it. I trust him (kind of). I wanted some thing different… and different is what I got. I’m thinking if I stick with I can get back to THIS in a month (probably two).

Bench Press - 4x15
DB Lat Raise - 3x15 superset w/
DB Shrug - 3x9
DB Shrug - 1x12
Barbell Curl - 4x15
Triceps Pushdown - 4x15

Cable Rows - 3x15
Lat Pulldown - 3x15
Shoulder Press - 4x12
DB Lat Raise - 3x12 superset w/
DB Shrug - 3x9
DB Curl - 6x12
Triceps Extension - 6x12

Cable Row - 3x12
Lat Pulldown - 3x12
DB Bench - 4x12
DB Incline Bench - 3x10
Squat - 3x12

DB Incline Bench - 4x6-8
DB Lat Raise - 3x8 superset w/
DB Shrug - 3x8
Barbell Curl - 4x6
Triceps Pushdown - 4x6

Cable Rows - 3x8
Lat Pulldown - 3x8
Shoulder Press - 4x8
DB Lat Raise - 3x6 superset w/
DB Shrug - 3x6
DB Curl - 6x8
Triceps Extension - 6x8

Side Note: After two days, can barely move. Threw up after yesterday’s workout.

DB = Dumbbell

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

High Alert

Fuck-n-a (or is it “fucking-a”). I’m all for heightened security, but damn… wine. Orange alert just took me for 4 bottles of vino. Like good wine. Like 200+ dollars worth of good wine. I take full responsibility, but… damn.
I read everything you couldn’t bring on the plane… no mention of wine. Glanced at the display table with everything you couldn’t bring... no wine. So… apparently, liquid… means… liquid. Doh. Unfortunately I didn’t learn the wine’s fate until my ride was 20 minutes gone and only 10 minutes before the flight. I was left with one option… toss it. 200 bones down the drain. Ended up giving it to a southwest pilot. Come to think of it… I hope he wasn’t scheduled to fly later that day.

Side note: they got me for a bottle of cologne too (Givenchy). Bastards.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Ahhh… home sweet home. You never realize how good you had it (maybe it’s just me) until you’ve been gone for awhile. It’s kind of funny (scary) how the second I return home I automatically resort to my old ways. Doesn’t matter if it’s been two years or two months… when I walk through the door I’m 15 again. I don’t put away my dishes, don’t make my bed, pee on the toilet seat, fight with my brother… shoot, I even hit my mom up for money. I guess I’m just a spoiled mama’s boy (but not a spoiled brat, big difference).

In all seriousness, it felt really really good going home this weekend. The best night sleep I’ve had in three months. It doesn’t get much better… the smell, the voices in the background, my bed (pullout), gourmet dinners (from the best personal chef in the world... my bro), the wine, napping on my “nap couch,” relaxing in the backyard, watching local sports (49ers, Giants, etc), reading the paper in the morning, eating at Nini’s, La Cumbre, Tres Amigos and Trag’s, and of course, hitting mommy up for a couple twenties. ;)