Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Agro Workout

So… started the new workout this week. Even though I design and sell workouts (, I wanted to mix it up. I turned to friend, former teammate and workout guru, Echo Charles, for his expertise advice. I’m not sure if he’s fucking with or what, but I’m thinking the workout is a little (lot) over the top. But you know… what the fuck, I’ll do it. I trust him (kind of). I wanted some thing different… and different is what I got. I’m thinking if I stick with I can get back to THIS in a month (probably two).

Bench Press - 4x15
DB Lat Raise - 3x15 superset w/
DB Shrug - 3x9
DB Shrug - 1x12
Barbell Curl - 4x15
Triceps Pushdown - 4x15

Cable Rows - 3x15
Lat Pulldown - 3x15
Shoulder Press - 4x12
DB Lat Raise - 3x12 superset w/
DB Shrug - 3x9
DB Curl - 6x12
Triceps Extension - 6x12

Cable Row - 3x12
Lat Pulldown - 3x12
DB Bench - 4x12
DB Incline Bench - 3x10
Squat - 3x12

DB Incline Bench - 4x6-8
DB Lat Raise - 3x8 superset w/
DB Shrug - 3x8
Barbell Curl - 4x6
Triceps Pushdown - 4x6

Cable Rows - 3x8
Lat Pulldown - 3x8
Shoulder Press - 4x8
DB Lat Raise - 3x6 superset w/
DB Shrug - 3x6
DB Curl - 6x8
Triceps Extension - 6x8

Side Note: After two days, can barely move. Threw up after yesterday’s workout.

DB = Dumbbell