Tuesday, September 12, 2006

High Alert

Fuck-n-a (or is it “fucking-a”). I’m all for heightened security, but damn… wine. Orange alert just took me for 4 bottles of vino. Like good wine. Like 200+ dollars worth of good wine. I take full responsibility, but… damn.
I read everything you couldn’t bring on the plane… no mention of wine. Glanced at the display table with everything you couldn’t bring... no wine. So… apparently, liquid… means… liquid. Doh. Unfortunately I didn’t learn the wine’s fate until my ride was 20 minutes gone and only 10 minutes before the flight. I was left with one option… toss it. 200 bones down the drain. Ended up giving it to a southwest pilot. Come to think of it… I hope he wasn’t scheduled to fly later that day.

Side note: they got me for a bottle of cologne too (Givenchy). Bastards.