Sunday, September 10, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Ahhh… home sweet home. You never realize how good you had it (maybe it’s just me) until you’ve been gone for awhile. It’s kind of funny (scary) how the second I return home I automatically resort to my old ways. Doesn’t matter if it’s been two years or two months… when I walk through the door I’m 15 again. I don’t put away my dishes, don’t make my bed, pee on the toilet seat, fight with my brother… shoot, I even hit my mom up for money. I guess I’m just a spoiled mama’s boy (but not a spoiled brat, big difference).

In all seriousness, it felt really really good going home this weekend. The best night sleep I’ve had in three months. It doesn’t get much better… the smell, the voices in the background, my bed (pullout), gourmet dinners (from the best personal chef in the world... my bro), the wine, napping on my “nap couch,” relaxing in the backyard, watching local sports (49ers, Giants, etc), reading the paper in the morning, eating at Nini’s, La Cumbre, Tres Amigos and Trag’s, and of course, hitting mommy up for a couple twenties. ;)