Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Play by Play

So I realize this is one of those things you "had to be there" (and be really drunk) to appreciate, but... I was there so it's hilarious to me.

To give you perspective on how drunk (in all honesty I really wasn’t drunk) and adolescent we were… doing cartwheels in the hallway of someone’s apartment building 3 in the morning.

Once outside the building we tried to pay Tom twenty bucks jump ON this plant. Absolutely no idea why… at the time seemed like a really funny idea. Tom declined the offer.

Instead… Tom made the mistake of trying to tackle me into the same plant. Not smart! After a few measly attempts it was time to teach him a lesson. I tossed him (like a rag doll I might add) through the same plant he was trying to tackle me into.

Tom not only went through the plant but ended up going through the window on the other side. From our perspective… tom gets dumb, tom gets thrown, tom goes through plant, tom disappears, tom goes through window, tom gets bloody.

Lesson learned… don’t mess with yours truly.

That's what happens man. That's what happens.